1. Good Friends

From the recording Old News

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Music and lyrics by Terra Spencer

Terra Spencer - vocals, piano
Ben Caplan - vocals
Matt Myer - trumpet and horn arrangement
Andrew Jackson - trombone
Brad Reid - clarinet

Recorded at Fang Recording in Dartmouth, NS
Engineered by Thomas Stajcer
Mixed by Daniel Ledwell
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova


When all is lost and life is upside down
A friend is there to turn your day around
When your hands are full a friend will hold the door
Yes, that is what good friends are for

To keep your secrets under lock and key
To forgive the flaws that other folks don’t see
To remind you of a joke that you once shared
Yes, that is how a good friend cares

A friend is nice when you need advice
They'll steer you clear of trouble
They understand when you need a hand
They will be there on the double
When you need a lift or you feel adrift
A friend will throw a line
It’s such a gift to have a friend like mine

Anyone can love you at your best
But only a good friend can pass the test
They love you when you're angry, sad, and bitter
A friend makes you a winner when you feel like a quitter

When you’re tipsy in the glow of candlelight
And you ask a friend if they will spend the night
But they don’t stay, they go home to someone else
That is one way a good friend helps

A shoulder you can cry on, nothing more
Yes, that is what good friends are for