From the recording Raining On A Saturday

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Written and recorded under the quarantine quilt in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Raining on a Saturday makes the case for canceling plans in favor of a few cozy minutes in bed. 


Last night we had plans
But you felt like staying home
So we walked around the water
Holding hands and ice cream cones
You got wrapped up in the ball game
So I curled up for a nap
My old guitar laid down beside me
My head laid on your lap
It was a shame we missed the concert
But we didn’t miss the date
And now it’s raining on a Saturday
And the coffee pot can wait

Now it’s early in the morning
And I wait for you to wake
I listen to you breathe
And feel each little move you make
The temperature is perfect
The blankets feel just right
I’ve got a pencil and some paper
And a tune that came last night
Stuck on the fridge out in the kitchen
Is a list of things to do
But it’s raining on a Saturday
And I’ll start my list with you

You fly out on Monday
Two weeks seems so long
But work will keep you busy
I’ll keep company with songs
The kids will have their business
The dogs will want their walks
You’re headed for a hotel in San Diego
Not a lot of time to talk
So we will steal these simple pleasures
‘Cause simple can be best
And it’s raining on a Saturday
And you don’t need your beauty rest
Oh baby, it’s raining on a Saturday
You don’t need your beauty rest