Where were you in 1971?

Maybe you were trying to impress someone cute sitting next to you in Biology class, or figuring out a plan to borrow your dad’s car on Friday night, or playing Twister in the rec room. Or maybe, like Windsor, NS multi-award winning songwriter Terra Spencer, you just daydreamed about doing all those things while you flipped through a box of records in your grandparents’ basement. In any case, there's no question that 1971 kicked off a golden age of music, and in the summer of 2021, Terra assembled a stellar band of Nova Scotian talent to celebrate the 50th anniversary of those songs, featuring classics from Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Harry Nilsson, the Rolling Stones, the Carpenters, and more with a few of her own signature songs woven in.

Traveling back to 1971 with Terra were drummer Jordi Comstock, bassists Adam Fine and Mike Farrington, lead guitarists Katelyn Bonomo and Reuben Gilbert, and multi-instrumentalist David Christensen, with fresh and faithful takes on radio favorites.



July 10 - Union Street, Berwick

July 15 - deCoste Centre, Pictou

July 24 - Wolfville Waterfront

July 30 - The Carleton, Halifax

August 14 - Dawn Oman Gallery, Bridgetown

August 21 - Kempt Shore Oceanview Campground

September 10 - Mermaid Theatre, Windsor


New Year's Eve at Grand Parade, Halifax