ready to tell your story, help a loved one unlock theirs, or take your project to the next level?

three-Learning how to tell a story through a song has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Songs are a beautiful way to explore and express our own experiences and the stories we collect along the way. But every active or aspiring songwriter encounters challenges and roadblocks, which have been a focal point in the workshops I've led over the past few years. 

In these exclusive one-on-one online or in-person sessions, I will meet you - or the recipient of your gift! - where you are at, both in your song and in your space. We'll work together in the comfort of our own homes or in person to unlock your story, find its musical mate, and get it ready to share. Whether it begins with an idea and a blank page, or a draft that's been waiting for its chance to shine, I am excited to help your project hatch!

But if you're already a keen writer and need a hand navigating how to bring your songs to life, we can talk through the recording and release process so you can share your music with confidence - and a cheerleader!


A one-hour online session where we develop your ideas, troubleshoot work in progress, and fine-tune your tunes before you share them.


This three-part session includes:

- An introductory email exchange, where I get to know you and your project;

- A video consultation (via Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, or online platform of your choice) or in-person meeting where we dig into the nuts and bolts and swap tricks and techniques to work on;

- A follow-up meeting capturing our ideas and progress, including audio recordings;

- An in-person or virtual wrap up session, where we revisit the song to see how it has progressed, what work remains, and talk about how to share it live, online, or in the studio!

In the past few years, I have had the great joy of collaborating with seasoned vets (like David Francey, Matt Andersen, Kim Barlow, and Ryan Cook) and first-time songwriters, one-on-one or in a whole room full of folks. Every experience brings its rewards, and though I can't guarantee a gold record, I can promise that I will do my best to help bring your idea to life alongside you...through our screens or face-to-face!

Sessions are active now on a flexible schedule.


Single sessions are $50 plus HST.

Three-part workshop starts at $150 plus tax.

(Travel costs may apply for in-person workshops)

Click the button below to purchase this workshop for yourself or someone you love through the online store. If you don't have a PayPal account, payment can also be made via e-transfer, cash, or cheque - just send me a message at

I'm so excited to get to work with you!

Terra has a talent for making everyone feel comfortable. It was enjoyable and felt safe.”
Terra is wonderful and covered many important aspects. It was really very useful and encouraging for me - I have been at various points a 'blocked writer' or someone who feels on the outside of the music community (low confidence at times). This group helped me to believe in myself, to make connections and to 'own' my status as a songwriter at precisely the stage I am now. Practically, I wrote more during this course - it really helped to have the accountability, challenge and validation of the group.”
I enjoyed it so much - I want more!!”